The Dust bowl started in the 1930's.It killed some people by causing dust pneumonia and chocked animals. It destroyed many houses by blowing windows open getting in and getting in people's food,it lasted for 8 years and blew on the southern plains. The dust bowl killed many animals such as cows and chickens.It also killed many plants and trees.To make things even worst ,during the dust bowl Great Depression was going on and it was sad and poor people were homeless had no food or water they had to sleep in box cars, and they had no jobs so they can't get money to feed their children or their self .One day the dust bowl was so bad that it was pitch dark and people called it black sunday.

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If you saw the video then you should know that it was based off a book.I read a book called Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. I can relate them together because at first in Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (third wheel) Greg got every thing he ever wanted .He was alone in his mothers stomach swimming in complete darkness peacefulness and calmness .Just like in Out Of The Dust Billy Jo had everything she ever wanted , she had her mother, father,the piano, and food.

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