teen suicides...

Branden McGee

some feel like they have no choice

Some teenagers believe they have no choice but to commit suicide to deal with all their problems. Some kids think they have no friends and they get pushed around all the time. The main reason your bullied is to make themselves feel better. If you think that you are being bullied then you should tell your parents or a teacher. Don't let them hurt you though life's to short.

Well I have something to tell you. Don't let them get you down prove to them your strong show what you truly are made of. This may be the toughest battle of your short life but don't let them take your life its worth living you just have to be strong. Also remember don't let others convince you to do that sort of thing. I hope I can change your mind. I also hope that you put forward a effort to help others not even think about committing suicide.

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