Time Traveling
by: Rhett Bledsoe

My favorite thing to study in school was the Renaissance. I had always aced the tests and knew everything about it. One day, I was walking home from school and was hit by a car and blacked out. I woke up in what appeared to be Italy, very confused and believed I was even dead. I went outside and asked a civilian what year it was, they said it was 1486. It looked like, from all the beautiful structures and remarkable city streets, as though I was in Florence Italy. It was breath taking seeing the city in its golden age. I knew that the first person I should meet was Leonardo da Vinci, the most influential and smart person who lived in the time. I also was very eager to see all the remarkable inventions and pieces of art in his home. it looked as though I was very close to his original home also in Florence. Once I reached him he didn't know me, however, I explained to him what had happened to me and where I came from. He said he knew what happened, he explained how he had been working on a hypothesis which enables time travel. He told me that the tools he needed to get me back to my time was hidden deep within an old abandoned mine, so that no one could find it, surrounded by guards which had tried to limit his research. He said the only way to pass them is by using a new invention he had created called "the armadillo". This invention was an old coal car modified with metal shields on the front to plow through anything that stands in its way. He transfered the armadillo to the mine and set it up on the tracks, just then two guards appeared behind us. We took off as fast as we could down the tracks knocking down every guard as we went, we finally reached the portal, which looked like an old shoe. We both held the shoe, and everything went black just like it had done when the car hit me. This time I woke up in a hospital covered in bandages, happy to know I'm back home in the present.