• The heart beats around 3 billion times in the averages person's life.
  • About 8 million blood cells die in the human body every second, and the same number are born each second.
  • Within a tiny droplet of blood, there are some 5 million red blood cells.
  • It takes about 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circle the whole body.
  • Red blood cells make approximately 250,000 round trips of the body before returning to the bone marrow, where they were born, to die.
  • Red blood cells may live for about 4 months circulating throughout the body, feeding the 60 trillion other body cells.

By circulating blood and other cells the circulatory system supplies nutrients, energy, protection & a myriad of other things throughout the body to control the balance. It transports hormones to control all aspects of our body & it also helps control our core & extremities temperature and helps remove dead cells throughout the body The

circulatory system works closely with other systems in our bodies. It supplies oxygen and nutrients to our bodies by working with the respiratory system. At the same time, the circulatory system helps carry waste and carbon dioxide out of the body.

the symptoms of a nervous system problem depend on which area of the nervous system is involved and what is causing the problem. Nervous system problems may occur slowly and cause a gradual loss of function (degenerative). Or they may occur suddenly and cause life-threatening problems (acute). Symptoms may be mild or severe. Some serious conditions, diseases, and injuries that can cause nervous system problems include:

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