Nigerian Crisis

In the first article we are going to look at is from the website International Coalition For The Responsibility To Protect

Brianna Burt is the author of this article. I don't know anything about this author but i know that she researched the topic and narrates what is going on.

The article was written two months ago so it is current and is is still valid.

I never heard of this organization before but it is a true organization. They help countries out that are having problems with in them.

This source was written in a more formal way so it would be hard for younger children to read it so the audience would be adults.

It was created to inform people of what is really going on in  Nigeria.

The point of this article is to tell people of Nigeria's problems.

Its important because it informs people and tells them how they can help.

The second source will be BBC News

The author of this article is unknown.

This article was published on the 8th of January.This means that it is fairly new news.

This is a very popular news station and it is very accurate.

This is written for anyone who wants to learn about what is going on in Nigeria.

It was created at that time because it was big news for the time.

the main idea is to inform people of the crisis in Nigeria.

It is important so people can read it and understand exactly what is going on in Nigeria.

The third source is International Crisis Group.

There is more than one author for this website. people can add new articles when ever. That's so people are informed when new events happen.

this source is a highly trusted news website that people trust. It is used world wide.

The audience are adults that want to know more about the Nigerian Crisis.

The reason is because people like to know what is going on with other countries in this world so people write about them.

The main idea is on the Nigerian Crisis.

This is important because people should be informed of what is going on in this world.

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