Career Research Project  Kelsey Olson Architect/construction/design

An Architectural designer plans the floor layouts of the house and places where and how everything should be in the houses. Education 4 yrs and up bachelors and master degree and licence. Salary 78000 per year. College University of Alaska, Purdue University.

Interior designer Puts the wall colors and floor type and furniture and appliances in. Education 2-4 yrs and licence. Salary 53500 per year. College Iowa State University.

I chose this career topic because there are a lot of career openings for this job. It interests me because I like to design things and build things. I also like to make things look good and make things the way I  feel is a good design and outcome. I also like this career because its something that will keep me happy and enjoying it. You can also get a decent amount of money for these careers. I also love to watch the shows love it or list or the vanilla ice project etc and that is what began my interests in this.

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