by: Kayla Cooper

Born March 6 1475, In Caprese near Tuscany, Italy

Artist, Sculpture, Paintings, Architect, and Writer

well-known for Sistine Chapel, Last Judgement

Took 4 years to complete

The Statue of David

Outside the Palazzo della Signoria

Created between 1501 and 1504

Represents biblical hero David

Interesting Facts

Destroyed his sketches so people didn't know how hard he worked

Went to the hospital to dissect bodies to see how the organs laid inside and how they cast shadows.

known as a "Renaissance Man" which means well rounded and talented at multiple things.


Michelangelo had such an impact because he was one of the first to sign his name on his pieces of art. Also his contribution to giving the Christian Faith a concept of what God looked like in the Sistine Chapel. No Artist could equal him

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