Dominic roel
core 2

Writing about meditation

What we had did is we had practiced and we had meditated for we can release all the stress that we had. It also it kept us calm down.We had did was a sleep a dream and think of a calm place. what we have done is think of your 3 favorite things and plant them in ground. there was also a lake where you have to take your 3 ad things and throw them in the lake.

I though that I wouldn't have been able to have done the right thing .I was thinking about all the things I was throwing all the thing away and about the things growing. I would try to do it almost every day.

meditation- is feeling calm and try to leave all your bad things.

mantra- it is a saying that you will try to do , but make it short.

deep breathing - will help you concentrate and help you do many things.

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