How to Choose a Wedding Catering Service?

Wedding Catering Services In Singapore

Wise men have always said that “a little preparation can go a really long way!” This quote is 101% applicable in case of weddings.

Especially when it comes to selecting a wedding caterer, one has to be extremely careful. After all, it is a once in a lifetime gathering and nothing should actually go wrong. But how can one ensure that?

Here's how.

While selecting a wedding caterer, never ever be in a haste. Keep ample time in hand, say at least 23 months so that there is ample scope to switch to another caterer in the last minute. But do not finalize a caterer in just one go. Take time, think about the company;s pros and cons and only then pick up the phone or drop by. If possible try to gather the experiences of past clients in the friend circle to get a clear picture about the caterer's feedback.

Below is a list of points that one needs to consider while selecting a buffet catering company.

  • Fix a budget. Consider how much money can one possibly spend so that the catering is perfect, organization is flawless and the wedding becomes memorable for everyone alike. Working with a fixed budget right from the start is a great way to ensure that every point on the plan-list stays well connected and is executed up to the expectation.
  • Now that the budget is fixed, it is time to thing about the venue/ambience. The type of atmosphere surrounding a wedding party also has a deep influence over the food that is served, as well as on the decor. For instance, a wedding on the beach needs minimal decoration because the surrounding (fresh air, sands, waves etc.) itself becomes a wedding decor ingredient! So some simple seating arrangements and a minimalistic dais works best. Indoor wedding scan move more in terms of theme based decor so that the plain looking interiors of the venue look revamped and interesting.
  • The next wedding catering service tip is all about the number of guests. Ensure that notifications about guests are received on time so that last minute changes in the food menu or quantity does not tamper its quality. If possible, try sending reminders to defaulters fro a timely confirmation (keep it polite and subtle to avoid uneasiness).
  • In case one s planning to host a dinner/lunch right at the wedding site, get old of an approved list of guests and provide a copy of the same to the caterers as well.
  • Book the venue on time because there is a great rush during the wedding season. And carrying out such venue booking sin a short notice could result in a booking failure. Instead, have 2 to 3 places in mind and keep a conformation from all of them handy well in advance. Meanwhile, finalize a particular venue for the wedding party and book it.
  • Lastly, adjust the budget with items that you can do without and things that are extremely important. Give catering the top most priority on the list followed by decor /theme and everything else.

It would be great if unpleasant surprises for the wedding party are avoided. Try to inspect all caterer provided samples to ensure that good quality service is rendered to the guests. Also, check for references so that the catering company that is hired has a good history and is recommended by clients. Only then the selected wedding catering service will live up to one's expectations.

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