Introducing the CC6566 Walk Behind Saw with Liquid Cooled Engine

The Liquid Cooled Engine Allows for a Smoother Running, Longer Lasting Saw with Higher Productivity

  • 66 HP Kubota diesel engine
  • 42" blade capacity
  • Maximum cutting depth of 17-1/4"
  • The saw fits through a 36" door frame

The CC6566 is a whole new design that brings you high production rates thanks to the innovative, liquid cooled engine. 

Sawing is easy with the one hand sawing control.  The quick release blade shaft flange and rear wheels let you change blades and maneuver the saw easily.  The saw tachometer is located on the blade shaft where it's needed which gives the true blade speed and not the engine speed.

With the strongest frame on the market, the single or three speed options, the CC6566 gives you everything you need and nothing more - a powerful, yet reasonably priced saw.

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