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3 years ago

A Grant a Wish Foundation
Reason 1I Believe every one should donate money to the grant wish foundation because
Their probly living on the street right before you and some people
Are not doing anything for them god bless them who
Helplt the poor.
First Example some people are living on the streets.

Second reason Every One out there donnate money some people have a house and food but
Childeren don't have toys so when that child wishes she/ he asks
To have some toys the child will get them.
Give instid of toys how abount give them lots of money so they
Can buy the toys they want to buy.

Third Reason did you know the
Grant wish foundation granted
8,000 wishes
Third Example Luke age 6 he ask for a wish degenerate lung condition
Gets a to see pineapples grow he got a piece of paper and wrote
what he saw every day.

Hook a grant wish foundation helps people give thing
That childeren wish for like homeless people for instant.