Titian Vecellio was the son of Gregorio Vecellio and his wife Lucia. He had an older brother Francesco (NOT the Assassin's Creed version guys), which made up the family of four. No one is completely sure when he was born, but it is agreed to be about 1488.

Where did he live?

Titian was born in the city of Belluno, near Veneto in the Republic of Venice, Italy. As a result of his place and supposed time of birth, he contributed to some of the influence during the Italian Renaissance. He and his brother were sent to Venice for an apprenticeship under Sebastian Zuccato, where they each started their painting careers.


One of Titian's more famous works, the Assumption of the Virgin, demonstrates how he loved using color, as compared to many other painters of the time.

Titian created a different genre of painting, which focused on an idealized portrait of beauty. This religious piece here is Salome, or Judith. The severed head belongs to John the Baptist, a story literally from the Bible about his death.

Vid on Titian's techniques

How did he impact today?

Titian affected the way modern painters use color - that idea wasn't quite as popular during the Renaissance, and he also introduced different painting techniques and styles. He even put paint on his fingers near finishing some of his work at times!

You can see more of Titian's works in The Louvre, Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery in London, and other places.

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