The Appalachian Plateau

  • Geography
  • It is the smallest out of all 5 regions of Georgia.
  • The only place in Georgia you could mine for coal.
  • It is located in the northwestern corner of Georgia in Dade County.
  • It is also sometimes called the "TAG" region because it borders Tennessee, Alabama, and it is in Georgia.
  • Physical Features
  • It has Cloudland Canyon, Lookout Mountain,  Sand Mountain, and Rock City.
  • It also has waterfalls throughout the region.
  • Most of the region is covered by Appalachian Oak Forests.
  • The sides of the Appalachian Plateau are steep, rocky inclines.
  • Economic Activity
  • The coal fields in the Appalachian Plateau contribute to Georgia's economy.
  • Many places for tourism
  • Places for businesses
  • Once dependent on mining, forestry, agriculture, chemical industries, and heavy industry has also added manufacturing and professional service industries.
  • Tourism
  • You could go hang gliding.
  • You could go on hikes on the mountains or trails through caves.
  • Businesses
  • Coal mining
  • Farming

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