My Favorite Brands

My favorite brands are : Bershka,ZARA,Pimkie,H&M and GARAGE.

How did they gain my loyalty? When I entered in these Storerooms (Bershka,ZARA and Pimkie) they welcomed me so well that I felt happy.There I started looking at their dresses and the first thing that attracted me was the way they designed their dresses.After that I tried one of them in each of these storerooms and I directly fell in love with them.From that day I've never shopped elsewhere.

How will they lose me ? They will lose me if :

1) they increase the price of the dresses

2) they reduce their diversity and

3) they stop been welcoming.


What do popular logos have in common? They are all attractive.That is they have colors which are unique and well design.

What make them memorable? Their catchy tunes and the way they presented.

If you were to make a logo for yourself,what would it be? If I was to make a logo,I will make a logo that reflects personality.That is something simple,unique,beautiful and that all ages will love.

These are my favorite brands. 😊☺️

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2 years ago