Idi Amin

The Uganda flag

Rise to power

General Idi Amin became leader of his country by overthrowing the elected government and declaring himself President of Uganda.

Style of government

Idi Amin supported and served in Ugandan Army. Also was part of the Kings African rifle of the British colonial Army.

Domestic priorities

Idi Amin was a Ugandan light heavyweight boxing champion for 1951-1960.

Foreign Priorities

Idi Amin increased the number of military recruits in Sudan, Zaire, and Rwanda. For foreigners nearly 75% of the Army had problems with communications, training, and discipline.

Current event

Idi Amin fled his capital escaping first to Libya and then settled in Saudi Arabia. He died of kidney failure in Saudi Arabia because Uganda would not let him come back.

Shout Out

Idi Amin is best known for abuse of human rights and the break down of his countries economy. He was also known as the butcher of Uganda for his brutality.

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