My Daily life Routine

In the morning I usually have the alarm set at 6:20 a.m. and I just wake up to get my brother and sister up to get ready to get on the bus since they leave before I do. After that I go right back to sleep and set the alarm to 6:40 but then I end up waking up at 7:00 since I sleep so comfortably again then I realize that I have only about 30 minutes to get up and do everything that I have to do. For a girl they is always a longer list to do especially if a girl like me wears makeup and likes to take her hair perfect to school, I honestly never finish doing my makeup so when I get on the bus I try to finish it but its not as easy since the bus is moving so when I still get to school I finish it completely. While I am at home doing the things to get ready for school I have to at least brush my teeth and finish my hair since that's what I consider the most important. We have several different hair straighteners but they are all different colors and of course mine is the prettiest one. So I get my straightener from our restroom that is beside my room and I go back to my room and plug it to a plug that is beside my t.v so that I could look at myself in the mirror while doing it.  After that I unplug it and go to my closet to figure out what I am going to wear for the day. I quickly change into what I had finally decided to put on and go check outside the door to see if the bus is coming. I usually see it coming by the flashing light that it has on the roof. When I see it close to my house I go to my bus stop and wait to get on.

 When I get to school I go to the same restroom and wait for my friend and while I finish doing my makeup we both chat about our daily life situations and problems that we usually have with our boyfriends and the cute things that they do for us. Then I follow my schedule and go to the classes that I have to go too. I have both of my a day and b day first period with friend and we go walking together. Then after 1st period I go to 2nd then 3rd and after that I go to lunch with my friend. Then after that I have two classes left after those are over I meet up with my friend and we wait together till my bus arrives and I leave home on the bus. When I get on the bus I sit and listen to music not getting bothered by any other little kids that ride my bus and think about my life and how fortunate I am to have a great life, education, family, and love. With the music that I listen to helps me also reminds me and helps me keep in mind where I come from and where my parents come from originally.  

      When I get home dinner is usually always ready and our house is clean because my mother always likes everything clean, but after I eat I help her clean the kitchen and also my room because that part of my chores, which is basically nothing but she always keeps everything clean. After that I take a shower and if I have any homework from any classes then I finish it. When I had completed all the important things I sit and watch soap operas with my mom. To do that there is a screen where the actors and the action is seen, its called a television. After that I go to my room and I sleep like an angel.

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