Tristen D.
                   #knetter #Tech41

This is about my springbreak.

All i did this springbreak is

Moving Into a new house around the lake and that took half my spring break

I was adopted Apirl 8  2005, because my parents could not take care of me.

have i been moving most of  my life to find a new family.

Thats the place where i got accepted to get adopted

So we went back during bring break

I played soccer over the week because i like to play a full games with people and how fun it can be

Over the week i'm finally finished building my own computer that took me 8 years.

i had some help building at the start but i got done with it by myself

I went to Portland during the weekend to see my family

I went to the golf course at liberty lake.
Me and my youth group tried to go golfing but all we did is go on golf carts racing

It was every cheap to buy their Carts only $7 Each Seat.

That what i did all spring break

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