Characteristics of Minimum Wage Workers

By: Abigail Grise


The United States Bureau of Labor puts together a compilation of characteristics of minimum wage workers every year. 2013's statistics were released March of 2014. These "characteristics" include race, sex, age, education, the region you live in, and how many hours worked by an employee.

Not only does the report analyze worker statistics, but also the jobs and minimum wage itself in addition to supplying information on the amount of hourly-paid workers making at or below the federally set minimum wage.

Share of ALL Employed People in the U.S 1998 Source: A Profile of Low Wage Workers

Minimum Wage Basic Statistics:

  • As seen in the above graph, the greatest amount of sub-standardly paid hourly workers is in the food preparation industries.
  • 20% of employed teenagers make minimum wage or less, compared to 3% of people over 25.
  • Age Demographics 2011 and 2012

    •Women account for 62% and men account for 38% of hourly workers making at or below $7.25 an hour.

  • 64% were part-time workers and 36% were full-time workers.
  • 12% were in the West; 18% were in the Northeast; 24% were in the Mid-west; 47% were in the South
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