*The very first Wendy's opened in 1969: it was set in Columbus, Ohio.

Success? Why?

One of the reasons for its success is that it had a public stock offering at $28 a share. Another very important part to their fame was the drive-thru window. Yes. They weren't the only ones to claim to be the first restaurant to have this but no matter what, they still were the first to craft the idea of it. Yet, another one of their "firsts" was to advertise on television. They didn't have even a 1,000 restaurants open around the country but they were already going commercial.

Wendy's? Who's that?

The actual name of this company comes from the founder, Dave Thomas's, daughter and fourth child. Her name is Melinda Lou Wendy. She had red hair and freckles which in turn gave them their logo!

Wendy's Opens Around the World!

The very first Wendy's to open out of the country was made in Canada, 1975. By 1999, they had their 30th anniversary and celebrated over 5,000 restaurants opened worldwide.

But What Do They Provide?

Wendy's menu grew greatly over the many years. At first, it was just the typical "old fashioned" hamburgers.

- 1979 - First salad bar

- 1983 - Potatoes

- 1990 - Grilled chicken sandwich

- 1992 - Fresh salads to go.

- 2004 - Chicken sandwich, kids menu choices, and combos

- 2006 -Frostys

- 2007 - Baconator

... and many, many more meals.

Sources: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8caQCaC8tc


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