The highest point on the Earth is 29,029 thousand feet tall and is call Mount Everest, anything above 27,000 on this "little hill" is also known as the Death Zone.  Approximately 4,000 have attempted to climb this obstacle, over 200 have died trying, only about 660 were successful, and there has been over 200 deaths.

Training always begins hard and all true climber knows that.  Most of the climbers at this bootcamp were chosen because of their ability like Chris, but the wildcards made it through because of connections they had and Chris's brother Dominic was one of them.  He had collected so many box tops that spelled out E-V-E-R-E-S-T from Summit company products that was hosting the hike.  

The first couple of weeks they just kept pushing the recruits more and more to evaluate them to see who would actually make it past the death zone and who couldn't.  Several had left by choice knowing they were pushed to their limits and couldn't go any further.  They were faced with challenges like rock climbing exercises, putting up tents at 2 in the morning while blizzards whirled around them, fear of frostbite, fear of getting left behind, and not being good enough to go.

Dominic was the youngest and smallest kid there and the only reason the instructors let his stay, was because they needed the sponsors happy and that meant some wildcards in with their choice of climbers.  They could only take four on the mountain, some more climbers left by choice, some others not so much.  One of the best climbers was showing off and feel 15 feet.  He broke is ankle and had to go home.  Everything was on stake and no one could take any chances.  On top of all the pressure a little rat was among them, telling the news paper about their personal life making everyone more cautious and less trusting with their team.  Someone was also vandalizing their camp property and their captain was not too happy about that either.

After weeks of not talking, the pressure building, and intense training, they have made their choice of who stays and who goes.  Sammi, the girl looking for anything extreme; Tilt, the bratty boy nobody likes; and Dominic, the boy who would do anything to be in his brothers shoes are going home.  The four remaining candidates are, Ethan, the big hot shot; Bryn, the girl trying to get away from family problems; Perry, the guy no one thought would make it; and Chris, excited about going but heartbroken for his brother.  

The three leaving back their backs and head back to the airport but something stops them, the radio.  An update on the Summit hike to Mt. Everest was the Ethan the big hot shot decided not to go.  He gave the speech on he had been there and done that and wasn't going to waste his time.  They get a call from their captain telling them to turn around and come back to the camp.

This changed the whole plan on who the captain took.  He decided to make Chris and Tilt go home and keep Sammi and Dominic.  They needed Dominic for publicity because they no longer had Ethan for all of the action so they needed a new view and chose to get the youngest kid up there for a new record.

They had to hurry and get their bags packed and ready to go on their hike for real this time.  All their hard work and training was about to come to use.  They hiked for 11 and a half hours and decided to set up camp and prepare themselves for a big storm tomorrow.  They were all exhausted but Perry couldn't sleep so he decided to go get some cold air out of the tent.  He tried talking to Bryn, but she kept ignoring him.  He noticed she had on no coat or shoes and was wondering why she wasn't freezing cold when out of the blue she walked off the cliff.  He yells for the captain and he is soon dressed and is lowered 50 feet to the bottom but can't reach her, because he is stuck.  Will Bryn be one of the several who have died attempting to climb this mountain? Will they get to her before the storm reaches them? Who is going to replace her, Chris or Tilt?

Who had vandalized their camp?

Bryn sleep walks and doesn't know what she does until she has done it.

Is this book in a series?


What was my rating?

4-5, started off slow, but caught my attention fast!


Never underestimate anyone

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