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The dieel engine is a gasoline powered motor that was created in 1892. The diesl engine was used for cars boats and ships as well astrains and farming tools.

It's Purpose

The diesel engines purpose was to enable independant craftsmen to compete with the large growing industry.

Positive/Negative Affects of the Diesel Engine

Some of the positive affects for the Diesel engine in the industrial revolution were that it was a quicker and efficent. It was alot quicker than using a horse drawn wagon. A negitive affect was they had to fnd deisel feul and that the exaust could hurt the ozone layer.

How a Diesel engine works.

The diesel engine differs from the gasoline powered engine by using compressed hot air instead of spark plugs. Feul is sprayed into the combustion chambers throught the feul injector nozzles and when the air in the chambers reaches such great pressure the air is hot enough to light the feul, therefore starting your engines. Thats why the diesel engine takes about 1 second longer to start up.

Todays version of a diesel engine.

Todays version of a diesel engine is more advanced and alot shinier. Diesel engines today can be found in trucks and in supercars.

The impact the diesel engine had.

The diesel engine impacted the industrial revolution because it made transportation faster. Therefore if there was items that needed to be transported between the northern and the southern states things could be transported alot faster.

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