Yamato Clan and Heian Period

Yamato Clan

The Yamato clan stood out among the rest with political power and influence. The Yamato clan was known for their bravery in battle and there superior fighting techniques. The other clans began to subject them, and the Yamato clan leader became the first emperor of Japan. They lived on the Yamato plain which was a rich farming area on the island of Honshu. Even thought they didnt control all of Japan the Yamato chiefs called themselves emperors of Japan. Other clans soon gained power over the Yamato clan and they did not remove the Yamato emperor. They controlled the emperors instead, and the emperor had no real authority they were just leaders without power.


Heian Period 794-1185

In 794 Japans emperors moved the capital to Heian, which is now called Kyoto. They developed an elegant and stylish court system. The nobles lived in palaces and lived in ease and privilege. They would stroll through gardens or look at poetry and art. Heian women produced some of the best works of early Japanese literature. The greatest writer was Lady Murasaki Shikibu, she wrote the worlds first full length novel. It was called the Tale of Genji. The Fujiwaras were a family that controlled Japan at the time.

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