Child Abuse


Thesis statement: Child abuse is a big deal in our society and may continue to be a big deal in our society, unless we try to learn more about the topic and how to prevent it.

During this research project i learned a lot more about a major issue in our society - Child abuse. I have learned that not only is there physical abuse but there's also sexual abuse, and mental abuse. Child abuse was acknowledged many many years ago, and still continues to go on until this day.

One of The first cases of child abuse was reported in 1874, Mary Ellen Wilson was a victim of child abuse at the age of 10.“I have now on my head two black-and-blue marks which were made by Mamma with the whip, and a cut on the left side of my forehead which was made by a pair of scissors in Mamma’s hand; she struck me with the scissors and cut me. ... I never dared speak to anybody, because if I did I would get whipped.”-Mary Ellen Wilson

Preventing Child Abuse will more than likely be a hard task, partially because The definition of child abuse varies between culture. But clicking the button below will help you to learn how to prevent child abuse.

Child abuse plays a major role in our society because in our work field or even as a student we have to have good communication skills. You have to stay focused to become successful on anything  that you desire, if you're traumatized from a bad child hood its harder to function, and often people who have had bad child hoods tend to have OCD, and tend to be depressed. Its hard to live in a world where you have to compete with others and they don't care about why you are the way that you are, or do they care for you're childhood.

I always think that while there is a child somewhere getting abused there's someone praying and wishing  for a


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Child abuse can happen at any age, which is truly heart breaking. this video shows how hard it is to deal with seeing an innocent child being abused.

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