Uncle Tom's Cabin
Sha'hem Hall
4th Period American History I


Uncle Tom- he was a hero because he stands up for his beliefs and doesn't care who had anything to say about it.

Eliza Harris- she was a hero because she escaped to the North with her young son risking their lives also after he son has already been sold

Eva- she is a hero because she begged her father to buy Tom and because of her Tom began the head Coachman of their house. Also before she passed away she tries to convince her father to free Tom.


Marie- she is a self-absorbed without any compassion for people around her. She has separated her personal maid from her children because they interfere with her duties

Simon Legree- he was a villain because he was a bad slave owner. He wanted to demoralize Tom and also was the main antagonist in the book.  

Redeemable People

Topsy- she is a wild uncivilized girl but she calms down and learn to love and respect people.

Tom Locker- at first he was a slave hunter hired by Mr. Haley but then he changed for the good instead of returning back to his old lifestyle

Mr. Haley- he bought slaves but he also treated them well


Getting beat for no reason

Doing hard labor without pay

Being sold to whoever

Treated as property instead of as a person

No being educated enough

Everyone not being treated equallys


Yes it affects me because I'm an African American and it could've been me


Yes the book is relevant for people of today because some need a reminder of how the past was and how it needs to change so we don't go back to how things use to be. Everyone needs to be reminded of their past so they can change the present and improve our futures


I think that Abraham Lincoln credited the book starting the Civil War because it was based things that involved slavery which was mainly the problem of the war. Yes the Civil War would have happened without the book because it was many causes of the war. Uncle Tom's Cabin was only a portion of the causes.

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