Indira Gandhi
Prime Minister
1966-1984 (time served)

This is a flag of India. Indira served 3 terms until she was voted out of the office for her increasingly policies.The saffron (orange color) represents a symbol of courage. The white represents peace and honesty. Blue vigilance,truth, and loyalty, perseverance and Justice. The green represents hope,joy,fertility and love.  

India is the world's largest democracy, with 1.2 billion people. They speak 16 different languages including English.The capital is New Delhi. India is located in South Asia. Russia is very close to India by the end of the cold war they became close to Israel for defense co-operation.During the 90's they became closer to the Southeast if Asian and European countries.

Indira was elected president of the Indian National Congress in 1960. After her father's death. As the first female to ever become prime minister she made a lot of changes in her country's economic,political, international and nation policies. That was during her first term during her second term she was resolving the political problems of Punjab.

Indira was included in the war against India and Pakistan. Pakistan had a bombing strike on India. It provoked a violent struggle between two countries. Pakistan didn't have much of a change against India. There military was much weaker than there and they didn't have more than India.She established closer relations with the Soviet Union , depending on that country for support in India‚Äôs long-standing conflict with Pakistan.    

India was a democracy/ authoritarian country. She said she would listen to the people and she would take what they said into consideration but she didn't. She limited people freedom.  She imprisoned her political opponents, and assumed emergency powers.

Indira ordered the immediate troops and launched air strikes. Because she allowed the desecration at the temples someone came and assassinated her. An it was her own bodyguard. On October 31, 1984. She was assassinated in her own garden.  

In her own country she lead her new Congress party to a landslide victory in national parliamentary elections. Shortly she defeated Socialist Party opponent charged that she had violated the election laws. She also brought success against Pakistan

In her foreign policy, Gandhi remained nonaligned, wavering between support of the United States and USSR. India established itself as a formidable military power under her rule.


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