By: Jessica Aguila

4th Period


Country: Mexico

Capital: Mexico City

Location: South America

Population: 122.3 Million people


Major landforms: Sierra Madre Occiddental, Sierra Madre del Sur, and Sierra Madre Oriental

Major Cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey

Major Bodies of Water: Rio Grande, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific Ocean


Average Temperature: (photo below)

Average Yearly Rainfall: (photo below)


Major Sports: Soccer

Top Holidays: Christmas, Dia de los Muertos, and 5 de mayo

Popular Music: Cumbias, Banda

Soccer (photo below)

Interesting Facts!

Meaning of the flag: The green stripe stands for Mexico's independence, the white stripes stands for the freedom of the Catholic faith, and the red stripe represents the Spaniards the joined in the hunt for independence and the blood of the national heroes.

Native Animals: Golden Eagle, Garter Snake, and Chihuahua.

Mode of Transportion: Cars, buses, bikes, taxis, flying and walking.


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