Narrative poem, Howard-4, 11/4/13

Austin with a heart of steel.

Austin of the overworked middle child.

Austin whose is as odd as the number 3

Is a boy whose life is like a book chapter by chapter.

Hiding hies scares of many sins.

Running away from his past debts.

Using his blanket of happiness to hide his depressing personalty.

Preforming as if nothing bad has ever happened.

Telling people lies about everything being fine.

Austin who tries to help others instead of himself.

Finding his happy things in life like singing for all to hear.

Trying to fight off the demos of his life.

Because he wants to be happy for himself to please his friends.

Austin inside his tall skinny body.

Inside the false life he created.

Inside the facts of lies he told.

Is always running away from his problems.

Looking for a place to hide.

Finding a place of happiness.

Staying for only a small amount of time.

Running away from his happy place because it is destroyed.

Forcing himself to run again and serch for a new happy place yet agai

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