The Life of a Yearbook Staffer

By: Kaylynn Champion

In our little yearbook class of only 12 that soon turned to 10 made an impact in my life. I have never been in such a class that has to bond together everyday. We had to get so personal  that we ended up becoming a family. In our little family we had a lot of fights, drama seemed like the only way to talk to each other. Until we found out that taking down our walls wont actually hurts us, it will just make our family stronger and let us produce such an amazing yearbook for the entire school to see.

Problems and Sucesses

Our problems in our little family was about people not being treated how they should have been treated. If there is anything I have learned this year is to not let what people say get to your head. That is the major reason Tamara, Kay, Andi and I had so many problems. It was because they were afraid that we were trying to go against them and take over their positions but in all reality that wasn't my intention at all. Miscommunication definitely had an impact on our family. However, we all worked it out in the end and Kay became my big sister and was my shoulder to lean on when I was down. I also began having amazing relationships with Lilo, Anna, Miriam, and Tam. We became even closer when we went to the national conference. It was a moment that I will never forget.

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