North American Indian Trader

Julia Sheley

North Americans Indian Traders moved over to the new world because of a better life. They traded because Europe was overpopulated with people and jobs that were not very good. The new world seemed very appealing to these traders because they wanted a better life for them and their children. That was the main reason why change occurred. When people decide they want a better life for their selves and their children they will go to any limits to find that better life. The new world was also very appealing because change always seems very interesting. There is not that many people who would travel across the world just for this "so called new world" unless they had valid reasons. A new life meant new technology and a more advanced life style. new life = new technology, better life for their children. The money was also one of the reasons people moved over like my guy.

The slave trade began in northeast America and very quickly spread into more of the new world. The effect it had on the Native Americans was very strong. First Native Americans were traded then it moved to African Americans. After they got African Americans for cheaper they banned Native American trading. The Demand for products was very high during this time. especially the ones that Europe needed. Europeans needed deerskin in the Southeastern coast of the United States. Europeans also needed buffalo skins and meat, and pemmican from the Great Plains. In return, Native American demand made the trade goods brought by Europeans higher and stronger.

Traveling into and around the New World

Trading was very important.

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