6th Grade Badge List

Fact Finding Mission Badge

You have just received a job offer to be a secret agent for Interpol. Visit the following website to find three facts about Interpol. Once you have found three things you didn’t know about Interpol, turn in your three facts to your teacher to earn this badge.

Competency Badge

Review the 6 Fundamental Competencies that all Interpol employees must follow on this page. Choose one of the six you think you exhibit the most and write two sentences explaining how you exhibit this competency. Turn in sentences to your teacher to earn this badge.

Hiring Badge

Congratulations! You have been hired as an intern for Interpol! This positions requires you to move to Lyons. To receive this badge, you must locate what country Lyons is located in. Submit to your teacher the correct latitude and longitude for this city and the language that is spoken in this country.

Passport Badge

Since Lyons is located outside of the United States, you will need to get a passport. Research to find out the following information:

  • What a minor needs to do in order to get a passport
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take to get it?

Turn in this information to your teacher to receive this badge.

Evaluation Badge

You are now in Lyons as an intern for Interpol. Your first mission is an evaluation of your skills as an agent. To complete your evaluation, you must successfully accomplish the following:

  • Find a city that you have always wanted to travel to outside the US
  • Find four things that you want to do in this city and give the absolute locations for each
  • Explain one way each of these things explains the culture of that country or city
  • o Ex: Dallas/Fort Worth:
  • § See the Texas Rangers play – baseball is considered the American pastime

Turn in your findings to your teacher to receive this badge.

Agent Badge

Congratulations!! You successfully completed your evaluation for Interpol and are now considered an agent! You have been assigned your first case! Time to get to work busting global bad guys! Your first case deals with finding where the notorious Captain Winthrope is hiding. Use the following information to track him down!

Here is what Interpol knows about where he might be hiding:

  • Winthrope LOVES being surrounded by amazing architecture, especially by his favorite architect, Sabatini.
  • As a native of Peru, he feels a connection to the country that colonized his homeland.
  • Winthrope majored in art history in college in Peru and is known to frequent places famous for art collections.
  • One of his favorite paintings is Guernica.
  • His favorite piece of literature is Man of La Mancha and often frequents monuments to the author of this work.
  • His favorite dish is garlic soup.

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