presented by J.Williams

There was once a computer virus. The name of it was ILOVEYOU. The virus spread through e-mail it was a love letter.Once opened it hid in other files,it copied itself in other programs.The man who made the virus was Onzel of the phillipes. The virus caused millions of dollars in computer repair. That was a virus to remember. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU OPEN IN YOU E-MAIL.

Did you know computer viruses can cause your computer to crash and cause it harm? It also can cause your computer to get "ALOT" of adds. Here are the 5 steps to protect your computer:

*If you don't have FIREWALL get it.

*Watch what you download.

*Logout of what you enter.

*Never save passwords on social sites.

*Close out of all applications when shutting down your computer.

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