Galileo Children's Book

For my two page spread in the Galileo children’s book for the class, I would like to do something along the lines of what Deborah Hopkinson did in “The Humblebee Hunter” with Charles Darwin. I would like to portray Galileo as a relatable figure—someone that kids are able to find a connection with.

For the children’s book project, I would portray Galileo as a person who is excited to learn and discover new things (children are bundles of curiosity). I think that I would place Galileo in a time where he has just made a huge discovery and explain how excited he is to both gain this new knowledge and to hopefully be able to share it with others.

Galileo lived his life for his love of the cosmos and new discoveries. While it is true that he suffered much controversy because of his findings and the way he portrayed them, I would like to show the side of Galileo that has not been affected by those views. I would love to show an exuberant astronomer who wants nothing more than to share the joy of his discoveries with people. However, there is no ignoring the controversy that surrounded his findings. I think that I will try to lightly convey that, while he was trying to get his ideas out there for the good of humanity and learning, there were people who had very different ideas about how the universe worked and that he needed to be careful with how he introduced these new discoveries.