Franklin Roosevelt
Creater of the New Deal

Franklin Roosevelt impacted the economy by creating the New Deal to end depression and fight in war.

Background Information

BIRTH: January 30, 1882

DEATH: April 12, 1945

SPOUSE: Eleanor Roosevelt

CHILDREN: Anna, John, James, and Elliot

HOMETOWN: Springwood


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The Great Depression

Franklin helped people recover from the Great Depression by giving people jobs, creating the New Deal, making more programs, changing the federal government, and changing peoples lives.

The New Deal

The New Deal that Franklin created was very effective towards ending the Great Depression. It was the greatest expansion of federal power, it marked an activist role in the government, the government took on added responsibility for all the programs, it was a very powerful presidential  office, and it was a series of experiments to get people out of depression.

President of the U.S.

Franklin Roosevelt was one of the most helpful presidents for the United States. He was the only president to serve more than two terms, before he was president there was 15 million people unemployed, but thanks to the New Deal, over 8 million people became employed. He lifted the nation from depression, he lead the nation through two epochal crisises during his presidency, and the overall government improved.

polio Diagnosis

During Franklin's presidency, he had to remain in a wheelchair due to a diagnosis of polio. Despite the fact Franklin was paralyzed, he still tried numerous therapies for a cure. He taught himself to walk short distances to avoid being seen in public in a wheelchair.

World war ii

Franklin Roosevelt helped conquer hitler in World War II. While he was serving in the navy, he earned a silverstar. Franklin played an active role in the navy by leading the allied powers.

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