Health Science

~What Health Science Professions Can I Prepare for at PLU?

PLU graduates have been accepted into a large number of professional schools. Approximately two-thirds of PLU students applying to medical school and about 90 percent of those applying to dental school have been granted admission.

Why Study Health Sciences at PLU?

~PLU offers the unique combination of a strong liberal arts curriculum and a high-quality science program set in a mid-sized university environment.

~Why Study Health Sciences?

The pre-professional program at PLU is a course of study (not a major) that prepares you for admission into aProfessional schools will accept most majors offered at PLU as long as their required pre-professional courses are taken. You should have a broad educational background including a thorough preparation in the sciences, as well as the social sciences and the humanities.

~professional school or training program following your undergraduate study.

~he most popular majors selected by pre-health sciences students at PLU have been biology or chemistry; some students major in both. Some graduates admitted to physical therapy schools have also majored in movement studies and wellness education. If you are interested in a health sciences career, you should have a strong interest in and understanding of the sciences.

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