By Devin Brolsma

My country is Spain

Capital- Madrid

Money used in this country- The Euro

Current exchange rate- 1 Euro = 1.37 $ american dollars

Main exports are cars, medicament, petroleum, car parts

Major imports are machinery, equipment, fuels, chemicals, semi-finished goods, food, consumer goods, medical instruments.

Three main cities

Madrid, Barcelona, and valencia

Tourist Attractions

Alhambra- its a fortress, a garden, and a palace overlooking Granada, Spain

Mezquita of Cordoba- A Roman temple that was a Visigothic church

El Escorial- Political center in 1559, monument to Spain's role as center of the christian world. Today it is a museum.



3 main cities

tourist attractions-'s_major_imports_and_exports

map of spain-


el escorial-


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