Nick Hoffman

Session 1

In session 1 we talked about some basic definitions in genetics.

We also explored a history of the science of genetics.

Final we learned about a model off a DNA molecule.

Session 2

In this session we explored the process of mitosis. we also explored the process of meiosis. and finely we experimented with combining chromosome pairs.

Session 3

in this session we investigated how dominant and recessive genes combine. Simulates the generation of offspring from different parent genotypes. and finally we determined genetic notation.

Session 4

in this session we used lego bricks to simulate alleles. we also combined alleles to produce offspring. and finally we calculated the probability of producing certain off-springs

Session 5

in this session we learned about sex-linked traits. we also analyzed genotypes and phenotypes of a dihybird cross. and final we simulated your own dihybrid cross experiment to produce off-springs.

Session 6

in this session i learned about ways that genetic research is used in modern society. we also viewed situations involving the effects of genetic research.  and finally discussed the risks and benefits of genetic research.  

Session 7

in this session we used lego bricks to simulate a population. we also explored the effects of natural selection on a population. and finally we explored the effects of environmental change on a given population.

A job

Laboratory Technician- work in research or clinical labs, frequently lab technicians are responsible for ordering supplies and reagents. Serving as an important cog in the elaborate framework that is the modern hospital or clinic.They examine body fluids and cells and matching blood for transfusions. The job requires the use of sophisticated laboratory equipment, such as microscopes and cell counters.

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