Mobile Apps For Education

Technology enhanced Learning, A connected Classroom

Hello, Below I have a list of 5 Apps that I would recommend using in a K-12 classroom. Along with each application I have a recommended grade use and an example of how this could be used in a classroom setting.

I would recommend this app for a grade 7 English class, which are starting to learn poetry. The apps provides some rhyming words for students to help them along with there poe

I would recommend this app for all students age 12 and up, being able to use and thesaurus is a necessary skill and students can use it to look up words and enrich there vocabulary.

This App is called Grammar up, and I would recommend this for students grade 5 and up. The app makes it easier for students to make grammar references and also has some quizzes so students can test their knowledge.

This app is called "Writers forum" and I would recommend it for students in grade 8 and higher. This app provides tips and advice on how to improve your writing and become a better writer. An assignment could be to get students to choose one tip and one piece of advice and to write a 3 paragraph story making sure to implement these two pieces.

For my last App suggestion I chose Merriam-Webster dictionary. I would recommend this students grade 5 and up. All students should have a dictionary to look up the definition of new words, using this app simply makes that task less time consuming.

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