Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution was a big step for America, It was a big step for America for different reasons, reasons being that it basically benefited every thing in daily life in some way. People were starting to earn money which improved their “living standards” or their quality of their belongings such as houses and or furniture. So overall the Industrial Revolution brought improvement. Many people would say that it made things Easier or that it brought new technology but you're not looking at the big picture. The big picture is not what Industrial Revolution was or is, it’s what it did for our Country and how it Improved everything.For example, It improved things like the economy because the change from hand-made to machine-made increased productivity that was made which bettered people’s lives. Also we saw more growth in the number of people that were employed as people moved into the towns and cities for some jobs like retailing or transportation. Towns and cities started moving forward by the high rates of population growth that followed Industrialization. So Improvement was probably the main thing that the Industrial Revolution was.

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