Teen Suicide

Suicide all over the world

Teenage suicide is a big issue in the world. Most teens kill themselves because they are depress.

Some teens feel like suicide is the only answer for them.They feel like nobody would care if they just disappeared. The majority of the teen boys that commit suicide use deadly things and the girls use mostly pills. If we had a law to pass bullying than that could  prevent some of the suicide. Teens mostly go through depression when they get in high school because they worry about how to fit in.

Your Headline

"born free but still they hate. born me, no i can't change"(Rise Against,Make it Stop).This means you are born free to love anything and be whoever you want to be. Teens commit suicide because they are hated for what they love and bullied. You were born who you are can't nobody change that. If people stop being indifferent to these teens than the suicide rate would go down. you wouldn't have so many teens dying if they had somebody to support them. Not too many people are involved in stopping suicide that's why the rate is increasing instead of decreasing.  

The ways Teens kill themselves

Suicide prevention Hotlines

People have made suicide hotlines in hopes they could prevent suicide. The hotlines are some good  support , half of the people who called ready to kill their selves end up not feeling like that when they get off the phone. Some teens need that  support ,so a prevention hotline is a good idea for them to talk their problems out.

Support Groups

Another solution people have came up with are support groups. Support groups are groups that help teens feel wanted by others. They don't judge you , they just listen to you and be there to support you. It is many support groups around the world for example, Trevor project or it gets better.

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