Irene Gut Opdyke

Fanka Silberman, Henry Weinbaum, Moses Steiner, Marian Wilner, Joseph Weiss, Alex Rosen, David Rosen, Lazar Haller, Clara Bauer, Thomas Bauer, Abram Klinger, Miriam Morris, Hermann Morris, Herschel Morris, and Pola Morris were saved because of her efforts

After the polish blitzkrieg she fled far east near the soviet border in the woods of Lithuania where she was discovered, beaten, and raped by soviet soldiers

Returned to hometown, Radom, Poland, to find Jews being beaten and mocked in streets and Nazi soldiers regularly shooting people they suspected of overt rebellion as well as anyone who accidentally broke one of the numerous laws.

She was taken away from a church along with other church goers to work in the munition factories in Radom.

She fainted once in front of a German Wehrmacht while working in the factory and woke up in his office, where, when he found out she spoke fluent German, he gave her a new job serving meals to German Officers and their secretaries in the dining room of a large hotel near the munitions factory, next to the only Jewish ghetto in Radom.

she saw awful things in the ghetto

she saved her friends from a raid

hid them in various places

she was found out.

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