On -  the job training is when your training while your doing your job this gives you practical skills as you are using things that you'll be using in other jobs too.

Off - the job training is when you get sent away to a different place, so if you are in a school they will send you to a different school and will learn new teaching skills to take back to your old school and that goes with all jobs.

Pros - You learn a specific set of skills.             Cons - your not with people you know.

          You get paid to do the training.                          your in a different environment.

          You don't have to travel far.                               you don't do practical as much.

          It's free/ boss pays for business trip.                 


Leadership styles

Democratic leader is a leader who listens to everyone opinions, for example David Cameron.

An empowering leader is someone who lets their employees make their own decisions and have their own responsibilities, for example Nelson Mandela .

Empathetic leaders such as motivate their workers to get the best out if them.

Visionary leaders are people who have a dream and think about the future, an example of this could be Ikeda.

An authoritative such as Kim Jung Un is a leader who when they order something they expect it to happen.