Piedmont Natives

By: Lexi Orlowski and Abby Traverson

Surviving with the American Indians

The way  American Indians  survived is growing and making most of what they needed. They grew extra crops so that they  could trade with other American Indians for things they couldn't make or grow themselves. Many of the early European settlers who came to the Piedmont made money from  growing rice, tobacco, and other crops on large farms. Most of the farm owners had slaves to do most of their work. Today people in the Piedmont Region make their living in many different ways.

Ways of Life

The Waxhaw tribe settled near Cane Creek in the Catawba River Valley. American Indians were more focused on getting food, making clothes, and making houses. They ate lots of food. Examples are buffalo, corn, beans, and squash. They hunted deer and collected berries and nuts. American Indians cooked their food in ovens that they made from hot stones.

Other American Indians called  Waxhaw Tribe Flatheads because of a thing they had of strapping their children to a cradle board and tying weights on top of their heads. They believed it would make the child's eyes grow farther apart so that when they are hunting they can see very well.

Some of the American Indians made their houses out of  an ice block or even animal skin. It really depends on their living.


Most of everything in American Indian culture  is based on a spirit. They believed that every living thing had a spirit. They believed in gods in the sky.

American Indians have to fight for themselves. More than 80,000 American Indians are still living.

Chowan people had to surrender the land to the government. A lot of people were amazed with Waxhaw at how large in stature they were.

Interesting Facts

Chowan people had to give up their land to the American government.

Catawba tribe played Lacrosse and put cradle boards on their backs to carry around.

We get the Thanksgiving holiday from the American Indians.

Did you know that the leader would usually be called Shaman or Medicine man?

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