The Comnsuumer Econmomy and Mass Entertainment

Summary- The american consumer economy grew with the automobile, advertising and credit, and new innovations such as electricity and the telephone.

1st Point- Henry Ford revolutionized the assembly line which made cars more easily accessible to the average person. There was nearly one car for every household in the United States. Alfred Sloan, the president of General Motors, advertised his high end cars and became the largest auto maker in the world.

2nd Point- In this time period electricity and the telephone showed up. These new innovations allowed more household appliances to be better made, such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and toasters. Standard clothes sizes were made which led to mass production of ready-to-wear clothing. Americans also started to eat more processed foods because of advances in canning and frozen foods.

3rd Point- The credit system allowed consumers to buy what they wanted even if they couldn't afford it. The large interest rates on credit were lucrative to companies. Advertising also changed during this time. Brand name advertisements, celebrity endorsements, more money being spent, and slogans provided "bigger and better" advertisements.

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