How Clamshells and Blister Packs Are Used By the Packaging Industry

In the consumer market if something can be eaten by you or your pet – it is considered as a food product and as a matter of fact a lot of ground is covered by the packaging in which these products come. A gamut of packaging materials like metal cans, glass jars, paperboard cartons, polymer trays and also flexible bags are used by the food packaging companies and it is the food products that mostly determine the type of material used for this purpose. Though preventing and protecting the packed food is the primary purpose of packaging industry – there a few other drivers for the market too, like – improvement in the shelf presence of the products, better barrier performance and also brand promotion. In addition to this, food packaging suppliers are also required to respond to the concerns of the consumers regarding simpler preparation, portion size etc. and also to the changing requirements of the market by introducing various sizes like single serve, multi-serve or multi-packages.

Clamshells are disposable foam food containers used for packaging a wide variety of foods including raw, processed and cooked food and also beverages. Clamshell containers are widely used for serving takeout food from the restaurants and food joints and may be used for various other purposes too. Rectangular shaped clamshell containers with attached lid are available in many different sizes and there can be large Clamshells with a number of compartments too. The separate platforms are used for keeping different types of packed food separated from one another and the lids of this type of clamshell containers used in food packaging have several small projections which fit through slots in the bottom half of the container for effectively locking it and thus keeping the container closed. Cylindrical shaped clamshell containers with separate opaque or transparent lids are also available in the market. The lids can be tightly sealed for resisting leaks as this type of packaging containers are popularly used for holding stews, soups etc. and smaller size containers are often used for storing condiments and sauces.

Compared to clamshell packaging, blister packs are now more preferred by the food packaging companies and suppliers, for it not only makes a product highly visible and lower the cost of packaging but at the same time it also generates more point of purchase sales. In the food products packaging industry, blister packing is a term that refers to different types of plastic packaging of pre-formed type used for a variety of goods and the primary concept behind this type of packaging is making a pocket or cavity in a formable web like thermoformed plastic with the backing of a leading seal made of aluminum foil or plastic or paperboard. Depending upon the type of the product, blister packs can be of every possible size and shape and though their functionality stays more or less the same, their uses are practically limitless. Both clamshells and blister packs are extensively used in the packaging industry and if you are interested in learning more about these products – you can visit

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