How did you grow as a student and as a person?

This quote sums up perfectly how I have grown throughout this course. I tend to be the type that will memorize information for the test, and forget it the next day, but I saw myself really caring about what we learned. Whether Dr. G was teaching or one of the groups were presenting their lesson, I wanted to soak it all up! I could actually see how I will need to take what we learned in this class and apply it to my future career as a teacher. So thank you everyone for what you've taught me and how you've helped me grow.

What did you learn?

(1) Don't be late! (which I wasn't)  

(2) Bring food to class and people love you. (or at least I love you if you bring food.)

(3) It's all about the students, not the teacher.

(4) Always keep the class involved in what you're doing.

(5) Many different teaching techniques that I can't wait to use!

What did you think of the course, the teacher, the students, and the projects?

The Course = Helpful + Enjoyable + Informative + Interactive

Teacher = Fun + Energetic + Experienced + Knowledgeable

The Students = Awesome!

The Projects = Not Boring (fun, actually) + Useful + Manageable + Good Experiences

What changes would you make to the course, if any?

What will you change about yourself?

The biggest thing that I will change about myself because of this class would actually be my willingness to change and be flexible. I am a person who is pretty set in my ways, and with being a teacher that is simply not an option. I see that in order to be a successful teacher I have to be able to change the way I do things to adapt to each student and his or her learning style. I look forward to using what I've learned in this course to push myself to be the very best teacher that I can be.  

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