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Britni Wright

This is Mauritius.

Things to do in Mauritius! (:

There are many things to do in Mauritius. You can go deep sea fishing in a little paradise. It is 72 meters deep, one kilometer away from the coast. Mauritius holds a lot of world records for fishing. You can go stay at a neat, nice hotel. The hotels have a lot of golf courses so you can golf while you stay at the hotel! They have a lot of places that you can shop at. The prices there are very reasonable. Time for the restaurants. They have five restaurants in Mauritius. They are La bonne marmite, Carri Poulé, Black Steer, Happy Valley Restaurant, and last but not least Le Cafe Du Vieux Conseil. People all around Mauritius walk together to the Solis Indian Ocean. I have a picture to show you and tell you kind of what it's about. This would be a great place to get rid of all those headaches from your sisters or brothers, especially mom and dad. You can bring music, food, and etc.

What you can eat in Mauritius!

In Mauritius they have five restaurants they eat at. This is the restaurant named La Bonne Marmite. It is a relaxing restaurant on an Island! Mauritius has a bunch of different restaurants to eat at that are on the beach or near and Island!

Adventure Time!

There are plenty of places for you to go enjoy sometime with your family or friends! Things you can do in Mauritius is go to parks or beaches. There is a park full of crocodiles!

There's a place called "Dive Dream Diving Center." It is were you put on Scuba Equipment and you dive into the water! It's kind of like diving into an ocean because once you dive in there are lots of sea animals in the water! It's pretty awesome!

There is a beach Blue Bay Beach where people go to enjoy the weather and their family! It is a very beautiful beach! The water is so blue you can see a lot of things that you usually can't see when you in the water.

There's a beach called, "Pereybere Beach", a lot of people go there with their family! People build sculptures out of sand! They form circles and take pictures with the sun in the middle! It is really cool!

Then their is one more thing I have to share with you. It is a place called Casela Nature and Leisure Park. This is where all nature and living things are a park and you can go visit there. I think it is a great thing to go do with family and friends and to just enjoy it while you can!

Activities To Do In Mauritius!

People go out in the ocean and swim with the dolphins! They have snorkels and goggles so they can breath and look at them from under the water! They have fun being able to see them because a lot of people there want to swim out so far that they are able to see those types of things! I think it is amazing how people are so brave to do that!!

People in Mauritius have competitions when they fish! When they go out to fish they have two of the largest boats, one is "Tora Tora 2" that is 47 feet long, and "Tora Tora 3" that is 50 feet long The longest fight they had was twenty six hours until the line broke! They also fight against Blue Marlins. The largest Blue Marlin they caught was 1,430 pounds! All trophy sized fish are the females.

A lot of people like to go to Tamarin Falls! Tamarin Falls has some pretty cool waterfalls! They are really pretty to watch also! I think if you ever get annoyed from people to leave and to go there because it is really relaxing and so beautiful to just sit and watch! Some people even rock climb on it! It is pretty cool!

One other place I would recommend you to go would be to Leo Souffluer. It is a river bank where you can sit on a bunch rocks and practically watch the ocean crash against other rocks! It is pretty neat to be able to sit there and watch the water and to get away from everyone for a little bit!

Come Visit My Country! (:

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