The Moon's importance

by Jonathan Renteria

5th hour

Moon's  role

The moons phases are important because of the moon we have tides, phases, and also eclipses are all connected in some weird sort of way. First without the tides and etc. Without moon phases there would not be able to tell your grandsons the legends about the moon. Then also there wouldn't be light at night for some countries that depends on the moon for light source at night. Also without tides we wouldn't be able to surf. Also if were the water was it might not be able to have boats above because of the low water. Without phases of the moon we wouldn't have light off the moon. As for the same with the eclipses.

Phases are important to the earth because it makes tides. Also it helps us by telling what season we are currently in. The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite. Although not the largest natural satellite in the Solar System, among the satellites of major planets it is the largest relative to the size of the object it orbits.

Tides help the people all over the world need tides. For one people that like to surf while the tides are up would not be able to. Also people with boats could not be able to fish. Tides give water farther then it would without ties.

eclipse helps us by stopping the the Sun's light from coming in on one small spot on Earth for a few minutes. But it doesn't have any affect on the earth as a whole. But still stopping the sun is a big job or effect. As it may seem like a little thing to do it dose help us when added all up.

All in all the moon does help us. Whether it is a big thing or just a little thing. Without the moon their would be a lot of things that their wouldn't be if it was gone. In conclusion we need the moon for all different kind of thing.

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