BY: Ansh and Jacob

What is Pollination?

Pollination helps grow plants. Insects pollinate all kinds of plants

Why do we need Pollination?

Pollination helps plants grow and plants help us breathe.

What animals pollinate and how?

Bees and birds pollinate flowers.

What are hand pollinators?

People use hand pollinators to pollinate plants.

What type of engineer design's hand pollinators?

An agricultural engineer

What matirials did we use for our hand pollinator?

We used wire,a pom pom,tape,and a pipe cleaner.We use our matirials because our flower was hard to get into so we raped the wire around the pipe cleaner and taped the pom pom on to the top of the pipe cleaner.

Did our hand pollinator work ?

yes, because we used strong materials that  is why it worked.

How could we improve our hand pollinator?

We could improve our hand pollnator by cutting the pom pom more.

                     Fun Facts and info

                           If we did not have pollination we would not be living.