Xavier Wonder Project                 

Character Tie To Theme

  1. Via's main lesson is about love when Justin and Via are out on a bridge alone and he tells via that he will love her forever and ever!This is important, beacuse she has never been cared for or helped by her family or anyone.Her parents just focus on, her younger brother,August, and dont pay attention to Via much.

Character's Influences

Miranda the biggest impact on Via beacuse when she befriended Via,in the begining of story.But then Via learned how to be left out in her friendships.She changed August's life by teaching him to be matchure,and not act like a baby anymore.Via and August learned indepence by both learnig that they dont need to depend on thier parents all the time.

Art Representation

This is TIGER by Ito Jakuo

I think this represents Via,because she is all lonely in the story.Since the tiger is licking it's self that represents Via taking care of herself. Since her parents would be taking care of August.This  really represents Via,since no one is really there to take care of her or anything.The ants represents Via's parents,and the big branch,is August,so they're focusing on the branch. (August)

Video representation