What to Wear to a Marine Graduation?

The United States Marine Corps suggest that students graduating should conduct themselves in a particular manner, especially when it comes to Marine Corps clothing. They should consider getting a particular set of USMC clothing to blend with other members, show solidarity and appear formal during the event.

When it comes to preparing for graduation, students will get a chance to shop or dine at certain establishments without a military ID card. They can bring their families to these shops and restaurants as well. For dressing, USMC recommends comfortable clothing with comfortable walking shoes. Those who are graduating can also choose to wear sweater or jacket for colder season. If you are a family member accompanying the graduate, you can wear graduation t-shirts with recruits battalion and color. People can choose between Hooded Sweatshirts, Crew Neck Sweatshirts, Women’s Wear, Outerwear, Popular graphic t-shirts, sportswear and long sleeves marine t-shirts to wear during graduation ceremony. Individuals can also choose to complement their Marine Corps clothing outfit with accessories like cap and collar devices, ranks and service strips among other products. Miscellaneous accessories such as waist plates, tie-clasps, boot bands and chevrons can also be worn for the event.

Although there isn't a specific code of dressing, most people prefer to dress less casually on their graduation day. But still, this doesn't mean that you should only don a formal attire. Individuals can also wear business attire.

Those who are accompanying should understand the situation and occasion and dress accordingly. Since most families will be sitting at viewing stands and have to climb the bleachers, they should avoid wearing things like A-line or pencil skirts which may be uncomfortable. Similarly, dresses shall also be avoided. Minimize the use of high-heels as you may have to walk quite a bit. But just because you can’t wear skirts or dresses doesn't mean that you should appear shabby. Dress neatly and comfortable, wearing sports gear if needed.

With your outfit, consider bringing a few complementary items. For instance, a sunscreen should be included in the bag and used when needed because viewing stands don’t offer any protection from the sun. Similarly, a stroller may be taken to the graduation grounds for younger children. Always make sure that you carry your ID card. Those who will be driving to the graduation area must have a proof of vehicle registration as well as insurance.

The United States Marine Corps also recommends a code of conduct along with Marine Corps clothing for families and graduates. For instance, people are allowed to take photos but they mustn't take pictures or record videos at areas with restricted access. These areas should not be accessed by unauthorized individuals or families on graduation day.

These are some of the top things that you need to know about Marine Corps Graduation as well as the kind of clothing and attire you should wear for the ceremony & there are many online stores to buy Marine Corps Uniforms. Make sure that you keep these rules and code of conduct into picture while attending a graduation ceremony.